We recommend that any individual or organization interested in hosting a Civil War related event (speaking presentation, parade appearance, living history, or reenactment) in the upcoming year contact the NECWE to place your event on the proposed list of events as soon as possible. The annual EVENT COORDINATORS meeting is held in December and it is recommended that all events secure a date prior to the date of the meeting. Member units of the New England Brigade and the Liberty Greys will vote on their schedule after the first of the new year. Note that full 2-day events should not be placed on back-to-back weekends with an event already on the schedule. Date priority will be respective of those semi-annual events that have committed to long term engagements with members of the hobby. There may be occasion, depending on the date of your event, that participation of the NEB or LG may not be guaranteed. Before deciding upon a date for your event, please contact us here at the NECWE. REMINDER TO ALL EVENT COORDINATORS: In order to place your event on the schedule, you will need to submit the Event Application (on documents page).

2022 Proposed Event Dates

As of December 4, 2021, the proposed calendar for the 2022 season 

has been presented to the NEB, LG and Civilian contingents.


                15          NEB Annual Meeting - Nichols College / Davis Hall, Nichols, MA @ 9:00am


                6            LG Annual Meeting - Philipston, MA @ 1:00pm

                13          St. Patrick's Day parade, Scituate, MA (NEB ONLY)

                20          Civil War Swap Meet, Rockland, MA (GAR), 9am-1pm


                18          Annual Patriots Day Parade, Concord, MA (NEB Only)

                30          NECWE Living History & Drill Day, Wickham Park, East Hartford, CT (NEB, LG, Civilians)


                 7-8          Cavalry School of the Soldier, Millis, MA  (NEB & LG)

                14-15      160th Shilo, Daniel Lady Farm, Gettysburg, PA

                21-22      Reenactor Only Event, Paw Paw, WV


               10-11      Island Grove Park Reenactment, Abington, MA (Battle Reenactment)

                                   * Contact / Event Coordinator: Judy Clapp O'Bryan (email: or Mike Reimer (Email:

               18           350th Anniversary Jubilee Parade, Wallingford, CT (NEB ONLY)

               25-26      Smith-Appleby House & Museum, Smithfield, RI (TIMELINE)

                                 * Contact/ Event Coordinator: Deb Cote (Email: or Steve Salisbury (Email:


               2-3          159th Gettysburg @ Daniel Lady Farm, Gettysburg, PA

               15-17      South City Museum, Narragansett, RI (Battle Reenactment)

                                 * Contact / Event Coordinator: Ben Frail, 2nd RI (email:

               16-17      Genesee Country Village, Mumford, NY (LH ONLY)

               23-24      Gettysburg LIVE, Gettysburg, PA (Liberty Greys ONLY) 


               13-14       Battle Reenactment, Fort Trumbull, New London, CT (Battle Reenactment)

                                       * Contact / Event Coordinator: Kim Perlotto (email: or Jacob Bates (email: 

               20-21       HISTORY ALIVE, Hillsborough, NH  (TIMELINE)

               27-28       Fort Adams, RI (Battle Reenactment) - will alternate years with Red Apple Farm

                                  * Contact / Event Coordinator: Rob McCormack (email: or Patrick O'Rourke (Email: 


               3-4           Museum Village Reenactment, Monroe, NY  

               17-18      160th Antietam / Sharpsburg, Daniel Lady Farm, Gettysburg, PA  



                1-2          Barrett Hill Farm, Mason, NH (Battle Reenactment) - will alternate years with Eastleigh Farm

                                   * Contact / Event Coordinator: Tom Connell (email: 

                    14-16      Cedar Creek, Middletown, VA 


...may be used to pay your registration fee(s) for certain events. We will notify you of which events will accept this payment.

Proposed Events for 2023...

April 29, 2023                 Wickham Park, Manchester, CT (Living History & Drill Day) (NEB, LG, and Civilians)

10-11, 2023              Island Grove Park Reenactment, Abington, MA (Battle Reenactment)

August 26-27, 2023          Red Apple Farm, Philipston, MA (Battle Reenactment)

September 15-17, 2023     Battle Weekend, Wickham Park, Manchester, CT (Battle Reenactment)

October 7-8, 2023            Eastleigh Farm, Framingham, MA (Battle Reenactment)