Report on the Annual 2021 Event Coordinator’s Meeting

12/4/2021 / 11am-1:30pm

The Annual NECWE Event Coordinators Meeting has been held for more than 17 years. First under the direction of Lorrie Stearns Proal, then Judy Robinson and currently Marc Bassos. Not only are current and future event coordinators invited to attend, but those who have hosted in the past are encouraged to share their wisdom and experiences. We also invite the admins of the NEB and LG and Civilian corps as well as unit representatives. NOTE: All topics are for discussion purposes – the NECWE does NOT make policy for either the NEB, LG or Civilian corps.

This year’s meeting was a mix of in-person and virtual attendees. Both the NEB and LG commanders were present, as were representatives of the 8th CT, 2nd CT, 15th MA, and Be What Remains. We also had the pleasure of having Prof. Matt Warshauer in attendance. As you may recall, Matt was the driving force behind the sesquicentennial events in CT from 2011-2015. Matt secured us a room at CCSU in which to hold the meeting.

AGENDA (synopsis)

Welcome & introductions

Congratulations to the NECWE Roll of Honor; Class of 2021

  • Kim Perlotto, Don Dupuis, Kenn Boyer


Registration Documents\

  • Discussion centered on the registration forms used at two events this past season developed by the NECWE (Abington and American Heritage Museum). The consensus was that the form was easy to use and access was available online on all related websites; the NECWE, NEB and LG sites. It was noted that we (the NECWE) should handle registrations as event hosts are not as quick to supply registration numbers to command staff when needed for battle scenario planning. Discussion lead to offering the documents in formats other than PDF, .ppt, or google docs. These will be developed further in the off-season. The group also discussed using PayPal and Venmo as a way to pay registration fees. This will be looked into during the off season as well.

State of the Hobby in New England.

  • Event Attendance – Various reasons were mentioned for small attendance numbers… (1) 2021 was the first year back after the pandemic, (2) work schedules impact ability to commit early, (3) some feel that events have become boring or unattractive to the younger members

  • Negative comments and posts – The posting of negative comments on social media has a direct impact on the moral of the hobby. Some of these posts have attacked fellow members personally. Other posts have had inaccurate information presented. (Example: The NECWE Coordinator does not choose which events to place on the calendar – they are first presented at the Annual Event Coordinators Meeting, then voted upon by the membership at their respective battalion meetings in January and February. Those events that are sanctioned and not sanctioned by the NEB and LG are all kept posted on the calendar including national events that occur on the east coast). A suggestion was made to ask the NEB and LG to develop a unified Code of Conduct; a way of addressing those members that act or speak out (on social media) in such a way to negatively impact any individual member, unit, or the hobby in general. The suggestion included developing a reprimand system for “conduct unbecoming” and similar to that used during the war period.  Pros and cons were presented.

  • Registration Issues – Ongoing issues of late registrations that (1) impact the amenities provided by the host, (2) impact the planning ability of command staff

  • Event Activities – A list of event activity recommendations was shared – the list had been sent to Col. R. Porteus by Capt. J. Vieira of the 12th GA and shared with the NECWE Event Coordinator.  The list was compiled in order to ascertain why members were no longer attending events in larger numbers. Many of the activities on the list have been done before. Some should be a commitment by the event host to plan, others can be initiated by the members themselves.  Some have associated costs and others cost nothing. The more recommendations the command staff hears of, the more likely they will come to fruition. This list will be added to the NECWE documents page for hosts to view. There is a current list already posted by the NECWE (

  • Quick-Event Guidelines – The NECWE Event Coordinator has formulated a two-sided handout that lists the prerequisites needed to offer a successful event (it is already listed on the documents page of the NECWE website for all to see). All members should be aware of these guidelines. Posted at 

  • NECWE Coordination (retirement of Marc Bassos as NECWE Events Coordinator) – After serving in this capacity for 12 years, Marc is retiring effective 12/31/21.

NECWE Advisory Group

  • Marc has recommended that the NECWE move in a new direction - being comprised of an administrator and six members – known as NECWE Advisors. These Advisors should not be Executive Board members of either the NEB or LG. They may be voted in by their peers, volunteers, or assigned by the NEB or LG. There will be two members each from the NEB, LG and Civilian components. One Advisor from each shall hold the position for one year while the other holds a two-year commitment (to carry experience forward). This Advisory Group shall be responsible for dealing with event hosts in providing event development guidance, developing the season event schedule and all duties related to fostering the continuation of the NECWE Roll of Honor (in place since 2015). The group will also handle social media on the NECWE website and Facebook page

Review of 2021 season events - (available to see on the NECWE website)

Proposed 2022 season events - (available to see on the NECWE website)



NOTE: Col. Bryda of the NEB thanked Marc for his years of service to the hobby and presented he and his wife with medallions of the Society of the Army of the Potomac, 1st Independent Company of the Veteran Reserve Corps; “the Walter Sy Rifles” of the New England Brigade.


Submitted: December 7, 2021

M. Bassos

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