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HIGHLIGHTS from the Annual Event Coordinators meeting:

EVENTS: All 2020 proposed events were listed and placed on the calendar.  More specifics on each event will be forthcoming.

COMMITTEE WORK: Due to the amount of effort it takes to coordinate an event, it was suggested that the NECWE call for volunteers who are interested in offering their talents to assist our event Coordinators. As support staff, event coordinators are looking for those interested in lending a hand with event promotions ... (Website, Facebook, Instagram development, securing media contacts, developing handouts and event flyers, as well as contacting civic organizations, libraries, museums, schools, historical societies, and patriotic commissions, etc). Any of our reenacting family who reside near an event, could also be accessed as promotional  consultants (TV and radio appearances, guest speakers at various venues, school visitors, etc. Contact the NECWE Coordinator if you are interested: email coordinator


REGISTRATION: Registering for events remains a concern. The use of PayPal is                   recommended to improve the process. We will identity those events which will accept PayPal when the event registration forms are announced and published. Unit commanders are responsible for generating a better response in registering for events by their membership.

RECRUITING: It is recommended that each unit develop a brochure or flyer on their unit and dedicate individuals (military or civilian) to engage the public on your street/camp during   the open camp period (usually 9am-4pm). Another aspect of recruiting is engaging the reenactors with the spectators immediately after the Battle or the Dress Parade/Pass in Review. Give the spectators a chance to thank the reenacts as well as offering a close-up photo opportunity. 

EDUCATION: Event coordinators need to develop a daily itinerary that includes displays,         demonstrations, games, lectures, etc to keep the public engaged. Do not allow interest to     wane by leaving it to to the spectator to find something to do. Hand out a flyer (list of activities) at entrance to the grounds.

MEDICAL SAFETY: A presentation was offered on organizing a Medical Samaritan Corps comprised of volunteers throughout the hobby that have various levels of medical response training. This idea will be discussed further once liability concerns are addressed.

Event Coordinators! You don't have to reinvent the wheel! Contact the NECWE and we will send you a generic form of any or all of the following:
Individual Registration Form
Unit Registration Form
Sutler Registration Form
Parking Pass
Event Coordinators! The following documents were developed to assist you in providing the best event possible.  Please avail yourself of this information:
Event Application (required when proposing an event)
Event Protocols                                  
Event Recommendations                          
Event Safety Regulations
Event Checklist                                   
Event Menu Options                                  
Event Responsibilities