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New England Civil War Events Speakers Bureau

The NECWE Speakers Bureau is designed to promote the history of the American Civil War so that organizations such as schools,  public libraries, historical societies, Civil War Round Tables, museums, veterans groups, civic groups, etc. may hold lectures, symposia, and other forms of educational programming to engage our citizenry about the trying social, political, racial, and military difficulties that tore the nation in two. We offer this as a community resource.

The NECWE invites historians, educators, impressionists and reenactors to offer their knowledge on specific aspects of the war. Although the NECWE lists these individuals on this page, it is your responsibility to contact the presenter and discuss specifics... fee, availability, and topic.


PRESENTER:                         SPEAKING TOPICS:

Marc Bassos                               Organizing & Hosting a Civil War-related Event

Michael Baker                            19th Century America; Civil War and Reconstruction 

                                                 Connecticut Regiments; 7th CT and 1st CT Heavy Artillery

                                                 Slave Refugee Crisis of 1861-62

                                                 Globalization and Impact of the Civil War & Post War Era

Emily Lapisardi                            Rose Greenhow (Confederate Spy)

I’m the author of Newburyport and the Civil War (History Press 2012) and past president of the CWRT of New Hampshire.

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