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By-Laws of the New England Brigade

NEB Policies & Procedures Manual

LHA Artillery Drill Manual

NEB Basic Authenticity

NEB Advice for Improved Authenticity

Additional documents for your review and use...

NECWE Event Application (required to be filed in order to secure consideration by the NEB). Send here: NECWE

Massachusetts Cannon Firing Permit


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September - October 2022

Barrett Hill Farm   September 30 - October 2, 2022                                   includes Friday School Day

Mason, NH Reenactor, Civilian Registration & Waiver

For more information and to regisiter online visit:

America's Hometown Parade     Plymouth, Mass Saturday    November 19, 2022

Remembrance Parade   Gettysburg, PA                  Saturday      November 19, 2022

The registration fee for each event will be posted next to the registration form only if PayPal is being used to collect fees.


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