The 2020 Calendar of Events has been posted on the NECWE site.

Link to it by clicking on the "Schedule" link on this site. 

New NEB Bylaws and the USV Safety Rules are now available on the "documents" page

Official NEB scheduled and approved events:

March 15th - St. Patrick's Day Parade, Scituate, MA @1:00pm - CANCELED

April 20th - Patriot's Day Parade, Concord, MA  - CANCELED

April 24th - Plymouth Parade, Plymouth, MA - POSTPONED until 6/26/2020

May 2nd - NEB Drill Day, Florence, MA (Look Park) - CANCELED

May 24th - Brimfield Memorial Day Monument Re-dedication, Brimfield, MA CANCELED

June 12-14th - Abington Celebrates Founders Day Weekend, Abington, MA CANCELED

June 20th - Wallingford 350th Anniversary Parade, Wallingford, CT - POSTPONED until 9/26/2020

June 26th - Make-up date for the Plymouth Parade

July 18-19th - Genesee Country Village Museum, Mumford, NY - CANCELED

August 22-23rd - Red Apple Farm, Phillipston, MA

September 26th - Make-up date for the Wallingford Parade

November 21st - Thanksgiving Hometown Parade, Plymouth, MA

December 5th - NECWE Annual Event Coordinators Meeting - CCSU, New Britain, CT

Posted on 3/7/2018

Official Statement by the New England Brigade


Last summer and fall (2017) protests against Confederate monuments and other monuments to men connected to slavery extended to Civil War reenactments.  Much comment was made that symbols of the Confederacy … Confederate battle flag, statues, monuments … belong in a history museum not in public areas of display.  It is important to understand that Civil War reenactments are living history museums.


Civil War reenacting is about remembering the past, not the promotion of modern agendas and beliefs.  The purpose of Civil War reenactments and living history displays is to bring to people the memory of a time when the United States was so divided the country was almost destroyed.  Over 600,000 Americans died to settle their divisions.  Both North and South were Americans.  The result was the destruction of slavery, the foundation of future civil rights for many in the 14th and 15thamendments, and a stronger, united country.  


Civil War reenactors are focused on remembering this divided time, and in the current feeling of division in our country to remind all where such division can take us.  Reenactors hope more than anything that a living history display or a battle reenactment will spark a few of the thousands that view them each year, both young and old, to further research on the causes, experience and consequences of the Civil War.  


So, the flags and uniforms at a Civil War living history event or battle reenactment are being displayed in a museum, a mobile living history museum, and, as any museum, the purpose is to educate and inspire those who view it to appreciate and understand history, even the darker episodes.  It is perhaps the darkest episodes, the most divisive episodes in history, that we must truly remember.

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