Contact any of our units to join...

Depending upon where you reside, there may be a unit near you! Below are the websites, FB pages and/or direct email addresses to each unit. If not sure which unit to contact, feel free to contact any unit or send a message to an administrative member of the NEB for guidance. Send an administrative message here...


2nd Connecticut Heavy Artillery Volunteer Regiment

Contact: Randy Pesut

14th Connecticut Regiment, Company F

Contact: Paul Martinello


13th  Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

Contact: Russell Marchand

15th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

Contact: Auggie Martin

20th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

Contact: Mark McBride

22nd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

Contact: Mike Reimer

28th Massachusetts Infantry, Company H

Contact: Nate Ritland

28th Massachusetts Infantry, Company K

6th New Hampshire Infantry, Company E

Contact: Matthew Cronin

2nd Rhode Island Infantry, Co. B

Contact: Ben Frail

2nd Rhode Island Infantry, Co. D

Contact: Ted Urbanski



Corbins Battery

Contact: Greg Webster

Northeast Topographical Engineers

Contact: Greg Webster

U.S. Signal Corps

Contact: Ted Urbanski


1st Massachusetts Cavalry

Contact: Ken Sellers

Liberty Greys (Confederates)
Big Bear Trading Company
Blanket Brigade
U.S. Christian Commission (Blaikie Hines)
Wet Plate Photography
(John Bernaski)
U.S. Sanitary Commission
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